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Single Line Telephone Recorder

TrueCall Recorder records and keeps track of all your telephone conversations. You can play back the recordings on your PC and email them to other people.

Why would you want to record calls?

  • Keep track of agreements in order to prevent misunderstandings or controversies
  • Store notes, thoughts, letters that will then be typed
  • Manage telephone orders
  • Keep record of malicious calls, this information may make it easier to take action to stop them
  • Provide protection from Harassment calls
  • TrueCall Call Recorder is an SD Card - the same sort of memory card that is used in many digital cameras.
  • It comes with TrueCall Message Centre software that allows you to copy your call recordings and messages to your PC where you can store, annotate and manage them, and clear down the card to make space for more recordings.
  • You can choose to record all calls or just selected calls, and you can apply different rules to incoming and out going calls (for example, record all incoming calls, record selected outgoing calls)
TrueCall Phone Call Recorder

Your TrueCall Recorder unit may hold either 70 or 140 hours of call recordings. When you copy the recordings to your PC you can clear space on the card for further recordings.

Screenshot TrueCall Recorder

Installation - Installation is really simple - plug your phone in to TrueCall, and TrueCall into your phone socket!

All phones - TrueCall works with a wide range of phones (corded and cordless), and it protects all the phones that are plugged into it. If you have phones plugged into multiple extension sockets we would recommend that you use a multi-handset cordless system.

All phone lines - TrueCall Recorder works on both landline and cable phone lines from all the major networks in the UK. It works fine alongside broadband.

All computers - TrueCall Message Centre software requires a PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8, or an Apple Mac running OSX with PC emulation such as Parallels. Your computer needs an SD card slot, or a spare USB socket (using the supplied USB/SD card adaptor).

TrueCall Installation

For further information please contact the Blue's Sales Team on 01932 710710.