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Blue's IP Buffer - Call and Data Storage

Telephone Traffic Data Storage

Your Data? Simply Safe!

Your telephone traffic data are safe, always

Blue's IP Buffer is the new generation device that stores the telephone traffic data, for a safe management and easy installation of the PBX onto the Local Area Network.

Blue's IP Buffer offers advanced security features and stores up to about 50.000 calls for an unlimited period of time (the exact volume depends on the call information type provided by the PBX).

An easier connection between PBX and PC

With Blue's IP Buffer you don't need to keep your PC always on, neither you need to lay serial cables for the PBX to PC connection.

Connected to the PBX and to the local network, Blue's IP Buffer offers both the chance of storing call data in real time and connecting the PBX to the network as to allow call data acquisition from any network PC, without keeping it always switched on.

Blue's IP Buffer stores call data in real time and by connecting the PBX to the network

Compatible with all serial PBXs

Blue's IP Buffer connects to the PBX serial port and to the local network and can connect to any PBX that logs telephone traffic by means of the RS232 serial port.

On the LAN side, Blue's IP Buffer immediately connects to the switch/hub through the Ethernet port and the provided cable.

Automatic e-mail alarm messages in case of critical situations

In case of a critical situation, Blue's IP Buffer will send an automatic e-mail alarm message to a defined e-mail address, thus notifying the memory usage (70% and 90% threshold warnings) and preventing data loss thanks to a timely technical intervention.

Designed for multisite companies

Blue's IP Buffer is the perfect solution for a centralized call data management in multisite companies.

In case of a VPN connection (or other dedicated modes) among several sites, you can import the data automatically onto the main site simply by choosing Blue's Buffer IP connection and specifying its IP address. In case of a commuted line, data logging can be operated connecting Blue's IP Buffer to a router and an analogue modem.

Always secure and ready to operate

Blue's IP Buffer is provided with advanced data security features such as the network traffic monitoring, that prevents unwanted data loss (i.e. connection faults). Blue's IP Buffer uses an exclusive error correction protocol that enhances safe data transfer towards the PC. During normal operation (while the PC is switched on) Blue's IP Buffer is transparent and passes the PBX data onto the PC in real time. Should the PC be switched off or should the network connection be temporarily unavailable, Blue's IP Buffer will store the data onto its flash memory for an unlimited period of time.

Technical information

Processor: ARM 9

RAM Memory: 16 MB

Data Memory: 8 MB Flash Memory

Memory capacity: about 50.000 calls (This is an estimated figure. The real capacity can change according to the PBX log format).
Data storage in case of power loss: unlimited

Firmware update:
Remotely via FTP or locally via serial port

Power supply: Input 220 Vac, Output 2W (5V DC), consumption 200 mA

Compatible with any UPS (Uninterruptible Power System)

Operating temperature range:
0°C to 60°C

Dimension: mm 120 x 90 x 40

Access control:
Customizable password

PBX connection:
1 RS232 9 pin serial port

Serial cable for PBX connection:
Included (1 mt), with PBX connector that supports any configuration

LAN network connection:
1 10/100 Base-T autosensing Ethernet port

Ethernet cable for LAN connections:
Included(1,5 mt)

Crossed Ethernet cable for local programming:
Included (1,5 mt)

Blue's IP Buffer Blue's IP Buffer Requirements
  • PBX provided with RS232 serial port
  • TCP/IP connection
  • Blue's Professional or Enterprise 4 or Hotel pro software management software

In case Blue's IP Buffer is installed with Blue's Hotel Pro, software managed check-in, check-out and wake-up call features will not be available.

PC Requirements for the Configuration Software
  • PC with 1 Ghz processor
  • 256 MB Ram
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98, 2000, XP, NT 4.0 (SP6a), 2003 Srv, Vista
  • Ethernet Port 10/100