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Blue's Voice Memory - Budget Call Recording

Blue's Voice Memory Single Line Recorder

Blue's Voice Memory: Telephone Call Recording

The most effective and easy solution to record your phone calls onto the PC

How many times did you think about recording a phone call?

The most effective solution is Blue's Voice Memory, the sound recorder that stores your phone calls onto the PC in an MP3 file in an easy and intuitive way.

If the PC is also provided with a microphone, Blue's Voice Memory will record environmental conversations such as meetings and gatherings.

Don't lose track of what was said - Record it!

Thanks to Blue's Voice Memory it will be simple to:
  • record telephone conversations
  • record environmental conversation by means of a microphone connected to your PC
  • keep track of agreements in order to prevent misunderstandings or controversies
  • store notes, thoughts, letters that will then be typed
  • record meetings, gatherings or conferences with the environmental recording
  • send MP3 files of the recordings via email: agreements will no more be misunderstood
  • manage telephone orders

Blue's Voice Memory is composed of an appliance that connects to the handset of your telephone and of a software. The appliance, Blue's Voice Memory Box, connects by means of a plug, to the sound card of your PC.

The conversations are then picked by the telephone handset. The software stores MP3 files on the PC. Furthermore, if the PC is provided with a microphone, the software records environmental conversations.

Blue's Voice Memory recognises when a conversation has started and automatically starts recording your calls.

Blue's Voice Memory features:
Auto recording of the conversations
Connection to the handset of an analogue or digital telephone
Records MP3 files
Built-in sound player
Records a 1 hour conversation in only 14 MBs
Protection password
Can save data onto the network
Sends recorded files via e-mail
Automatic noise filter (anti-bump)
Notes can be stored with the recording
Search tool within recording list
Easy to install and use

Don't lose track of what was said - Record it! System minimum requirements:
  • Pentium® (or compatible) 166 MHz (suggested Pentium® 3 or higher)
  • 64 MB RAM or better
  • 10 MB available space on disk or more
  • CD-ROM
  • Microsoft® Mouse or compatible pointer
  • Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, ME, NT 4 (SP6a), 2000, XP or higher.
  • Sound card

Don't lose track of what was said - Record it!

For further information please contact the Blue's Sales Team on 01932 710710.