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Effective call cost management can represent a competitive advantage for every company that wishes to improve customer service, to keep call and telephone costs under control and to maximise the efficiency of telephone usage throughout the organisation.

Blue's Professional is a software tool, that can actively monitor the company's telephone usage and give warnings in the case of anomalies, providing ready-to-use information.

Statistics and monitoring in real time

With Blue's Professional you can analyse your telephone traffic using real time statistics and call monitoring, or with the use of preconfigured and ready-to-use charts and tables.

With the practical call monitor function you can select the statistics according to the analysis target and customise them as you like with a single click or export them to other applications (PDF, HTM, XLS, DOC…).

Reports and alarms via e-mail and over the Internet

You can automatically receive statistics by e-mail for your periodical expenses and monitor witha frequency that most  meets your needs. Data can also be saved onto the Internet for remote access.

With Blue's Professional you can easily work at best, setting alarms that warn you as soon as an undesired event occours (e.g. When somebody goes beyond forecasted budget or prohibited calls telephone numbers).

Easy carrier management with Internet update

Blue's Professional is multi-carrier, you can easily manage your telephone carriers (updateable via the internet) for an accurate cost calculation. You can also work out a comparison among several offers, to find out the best tariff for your company, deciding upon a statistic on your real telephone habits.

Connects to any IP or standard PABX

Blue's Professional acquires data from any PABX, even from the new IP PABXs. It is easy to install. Thanks to an intuitive Guided Configuration, Blue's Professional is the most flexible call accounting software available today.
Is my PBX supported?
Blues professional can interface with most PBXs see PBX Compatibility List.

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Easy to use

Blue's Professional is easy to use. You can easily get the best from the software without even reading the software.

With a single click, you can find out and keep under control your monthly expense, the most talkative extensions, incoming and outgoing calls, if you had any missed call, how many rings are needed before incoming calls are answered, how much you would have spent with a different telephone carrier, and much more.

With Blue's Professional, find the information you need at a glance and ready to use.

Statistics and ranks ready for your needs

Blue's Professional manages your company incoming and outgoing calls and organises the statistics, sorting them by objective. Find the information you are looking for with no strain at all.

A call monitor offering general reports, telephone traffic totals sorted by seat, department and extension, call list, cost analysis grouped in several ways, analysis of the incoming call efficiency and other ranks are just a few of the reports shown in real time that can be exported into different formats (PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, Etc.).

Furthermore, you can customise the statistics in an extremely easy way thanks to the advanced filters, and save your reports in personal folders.

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Send your reports by e-mail and publish them over the Internet

Blue's Professional offers an extraordinary scheduling tool that sends the statistics you need by e-mail on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or with the frequency that mostly suits you.

Blue's Professional can schedule and send statistics to several recipients at a time, thus sharing information concerning the general trend of your telephone management.

Reports can also be periodically saved onto the Internet and rendered widely available.

Updates automatically (LiveUpdate)

Thanks to the LiveUpdate, your Blue's Professional will always be up-to-date. Liveupdate connects to the Telcen website and automatically downloads and installs the new updates when available.

Calculates the costs of any telephone carrier

Thanks to the multi-carrier management, Blue's Professional calculates the cost of your phone calls using several carriers simultaneously.

You can manage any tariff of any telephone carrier and print those ones in use.

Tariff editing and update will be easy using the tariff manager tool.

E-mail warnings and alarms for an all-round control of the telephone traffic

You will be automatically warned should something go wrong: somebody called prohibited numbers or went beyond the budget threshold, some telephone lines are faulty, some call durations are too long, etc. Blue's Professional will directly send and e-mail message to your e-mail address with the warning that describes the problem.

Controlling your telephone traffic has never been so easy!

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Find the most convenient tariff for your company

Blue's Professional compares your telephone costs with a reference carrier: immediately find out if your carrier is convenient for your company.

If you wish to compare the several offers available on the market on the basis of your real telephone traffic, you can use the advanced module that compares the cost of all the telephone tariffs you choose.

The tariff comparison tool calculates the monthly expense of your company and shows the rank of the most convenient tariffs: a unique tool to choose the telephone carrier that best suits your company.

Does not require a dedicated PC

Blue's Professional does not require a dedicated PC and, while it runs, you can continue using your everyday software.

Customise each extension

With the Extension configuration of Blue's Professional you can customise every single extension of your company. For instance, the cost mark-up, the dialled number printout (Privacy), department and cost centre definitions can be customised for each extension.

This information can be modified anytime and the database reprocessed in order to update it with the latest changes (Re-associate tool).

Your privacy is guaranteed

With Blue's Professional you can create different users and assign them different security and access levels.

For instance, you can assign a password that allows the telephone operator to edit the phone book but prevents it from seeing or deleting calls; or viewing only the phone calls of a single department or of a single telephone district.

With the Privacy option you can decide the privacy level of each extension, for instance replacing the last three or more digits of a telephone number with asterisks (e.g. 003904402245***).

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Shares archives onto the network

Blue's Professional archives can be saved in any directory onto the network and can be read from any network pc that mounts the Blue's Professional Client version.

Share, for instance, Blue's Professional Phone Book with the company employees, use the PC near the PBX for data acquisition and schedule periodical data printouts from the respective departments, without even moving away from your desk.

You can also archive the data of a certain period (for instance last year's calls) in a new archive, thus deleting the old calls and keeping the software faster.

Grows up along with your company

Blue's Professional is available in several versions that differ for the number of the PBX extensions, but it can still be upgraded while you company grows bigger.

Documents the telephone traffic of more sites

Blue's Professional centralises the phone traffic of your main and remote sites of your company. Thanks to the SAT module, you can manage the telephone traffic of each PABX, even of different PABX brands and models.

Blue's Professional supports any kind of connection, providing telephone traffic acquisition via TCP/IP protocol and via modem with the dedicated Blue's Buffer protocol, at a scheduled time. You will easily get statistics on each site, department, cost centres, with grouped information or details about each single call.

Works with MS SQL Server

Should the telephone traffic volume of your company reach at least 300.000 calls a year, we recommend Blue's Enterprise 4 that uses the Microsoft SQL Server database and that offers better performance and security levels.

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Blue's Professional Call Management Blue's Professional Requirements
  • Personal computer
  • PC 1 Ghz processor
  • 128 MB Ram
  • 100 MB available hard disk space
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98, 2000, XP, NT 4.0 (SP6a), 2003 Srv
PABX Management: serial or TCP-IP connection to the PABX for call data download and billing.