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Blue's Enterprise 4 - Call Management

The most suitable solution for medium and large enterprises

The Ultimate Call Management Solution for Large Companies

Blue's Enterprise 4 is the most advanced solution for monitoring and analysing the telephone traffic of medium and large enterprises.

Thanks to an easy and ready to use web interface and unique tools for the integration with company applications and databases, Blue's Enterprise 4 improves your savings and your efficiency in a brand new way.

Powerful and flexible

Multi-carrier, multi-site, multi-PBX vendor, multi-Country, multi-currency and multi-time zone, Blue's Enterprise 4 can cope with any need and also supports a network of different telephone systems, offering a centralised monitoring.

Blue's Enterprise 4 is the best solution for single office and for enterprises from just a few extensions to an unlimited number of extensions and offices..

Total control via web and e-mail

Blue's Enterprise 4 analyses outgoing, incoming and internal calls (if provided by your telephone system), thanks to preconfigured and ready to use reports and monitors that can be further customised using filters and groupings.

Blue's Enterprise 4 does not require any software to be installed on your PC. You can simply use your browser and you will be able to easily access your company calls, according to your role, through the Blue's Enterprise 4 brand new web interface. Furthermore, Blue's Enterprise 4 makes your life easier. You can receive statistics via E-mail in PDF or MS-Excel format with the desired recurrence with no effort at all.

Call Monitoring

Integrates with your applications

Blue's Enterprise 4 integrates with any application you run in your company. Thanks to web services allowing you to consult data in XML format, you can access monitors and statistics of your telephone traffic directly via the Web, Intranet, your CRM or any other familiar application.

Fast and reliable

Blue's Enterprise 4 uses MS-SQL Server database to store your telephone traffic data, thus offering top security and performance even if you store millions of calls. Supports any MS-SQL Server 2005-2008 version. In case you do not own a commercial licence, Blue's Enterprise 4 can install and automatically configure MS-SQL Server 2005 Express free version.

Stop frauds and save with real time alarms

Blue's Enterprise 4 monitors the situation while you can concentrate on your work. Thanks to scheduled alarms, should an undesired event occur you are immediately notified with an e-mail message. For example, an email can be immediately generated to alert you regarding calls outside working hours, if the expense budget is exceeded, if you missed calls or in case of calls to premium numbers are made.

Integrates with phonebooks and databases

Blue's Enterprise 4 enhances your call accounting documentation with the name of your contact party details you stored in your company phonebook or database. You reports will be even easier to consult and also your call details will be extremely useful.

Easy to manage

Thanks to the new web interface, Blue's Enterprise 4 offers the main application administration tools for your frequent operations such as report, user profile and extension management, as well as windows services and application status monitor. Furthermore, thanks to a dedicated application on your server, you will be able to use advanced tools for the configuration of your network, tariffs, company database connections, extension synchronisation, user importation, etc.

Calculate call costs with any telco operator

Blue's Enterprise 4 calculates the cost of your telephone calls even if you use different operators at the same time. You can easily manage and customise any tariff rate, both time or pulse based, and calculate the costs of your LCR system according to complex routing based on duration/line/number/access code.

Blues Enterprise Reports

General characteristics
  • web based reports and analysis monitors
  • unlimited extension management
  • centralised management of a telephone system network even with different PBX brands, with an unlimited number of offices
  • guided configuration for an easy and quick installation
  • multilevel profile and password management
  • automatic update via the Internet thanks to Blue's Live Update
  • server connection via serial port or TCP-IP for a real time call logging and telephone traffic monitor
  • dedicated storage buffer, Blue's IP Buffer - optional, providing 8 MB RAM storing about 50.000 calls
  • available in 5 languages ITA-ENG-DEU-FRA-ESP


  • analysis monitors with preconfigured widgets
  • content and number of reports can be customised for each single user


  • preconfigured report on topic basis (general, costs, cost centres, departments, groups), charts and tables included
  • incoming, outgoing and internal call logging
  • reports can be further customised thanks to basic and advanced filters thus displaying the required information
  • grouped multilevel call reports
  • company logo can be customised and printed on the reports
  • personal and public report management, preloaded standard reports
  • send reports can &per e-mail
  • export reports in different formats (PDF, XLS)
  • schedule reports per E-mail with the desired recurrence
  • telephone traffic alarm notification management with customised conditions and filters on outgoing telephone traffic, extensions, call cost, missed and international calls
  • alarms can be E-mail to multiple recipients simultaneously, recurrence can be freely customised
Telephone tariff management

  • telephone tariff management. Tariff customisation thanks to a dedicated tool (Windows interface)
  • Common tariff importation tool via the Internet
  • Call cost time or pulse based multicarrier tariffs. Costs calculated on complex LCR profiles according to line-day and week-time

Advanced characteristics

  • extension importation and synchronisation via generic ActiveDirectory, LDAP, DB
  • automatic installation of Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 Express
  • automatic installation of Microsoft® Internet Information Server
  • table view data for maintenance and other advanced operations. SQL query panel directly vie web interface
  • application component management and monitor
  • monitor manager with single application status details
  • logs are managed individually according to each component
  • advanced database query management
  • call recalculation
  • PIN and account code management
  • network archive sharing for a centralised data management
  • centralised company telephone book
  • swing: automatic association tool of the name in your phone book and the called\called number in every report
Call Management Dashboard
Blues Enterprise 4 Call Management

Blue's Enterprise Requirements
  • Personal computer
  • PC 1 Ghz processor
  • 1 GB Ram
  • 500 MB available hard disk space
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP, 2003 Srv, Vista
  • Microsoft® SQL Server® 2000, 2005, 2008 (also Express edition)
PBX Management: serial or TCP-IP connection to the PBX for call data download and billing.

Blue's Enterprise is available in 5 languages: ITA, ENG, DEU, FRA, ESP.